We’re coming after our Healthcare!


    Member of WSNA and SEIU, past Local Unit Chair, Grievance Officer, Negotiating Team member on multiple contracts


    30 years Nursing experience in Oncology, Critical Care, IV Therapy, Hospice Care, Nursing Administration, Owner- MacLeod House Adult Family Home

    Our government needs fundamental change; we need to start demanding accountability from our elected officials! For too long large corporations have dominated the time, attention and purse strings of our government leaders who in response have neglected their constituents with whom they are ultimately beholden.  I have heard the promises of change for too many decades.  Enough is enough!

    Our current COVID-19 epidemic has exposed the greed, corruption and decay within our society.  But, they continue to try and prop up a healthcare financing system that has produced one of the least healthy populations in the world at the most cost. There is a better way!

    Our whole system of capitalism and a free market economy has been undermined by a government that is allowing our economy to be controlled by huge monopolies that are beholden to only a few corporate investors.  That is not what our founding fathers envisioned! There is a better way!

    Those corporations glorify their profits from the earth with no regard for the health of our planet.  We must and will address the needs of our planet in order to guarantee life for all our children and all of our children to come. There is a better way!

    Continuing down this path of electing career politicians and expecting different results has failed and will continue to fail.  We are at a fork in the road. Our country is anemic and needs an infusion of fresh blood, NOW.  There is a better way! Together we can bring health and recovery both locally within our state and beyond as we send energetic new leaders to all of our halls of government.  

    I will be proud to represent the people of the 39th LD in Olympia. We have a better way!

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