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    Member of WSNA and SEIU, past Local Unit Chair, Grievance Officer, Negotiating Team member on multiple contracts


    30 years Nursing experience in Oncology, Critical Care, IV Therapy, Hospice Care, Nursing Administration, Owner- MacLeod House Adult Family Home

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    Snohomish County Democrats- snocodems.org

    39th LD Democrats- www.39thdems.org

    Skagit County Democrats- skagitdemocrats.org

    Washington State Federation of Democratic Women

     I am running for the State Senator position in the 39th LD because, well…  if not me, who?  I am tired of being given a ballot that offers me no choice for my state Senator. And I am sure there are many others in the 39th LD who feel exactly like me.  So for those of us who are looking for change, I believe that I can be their voice in the darkness.


        I believe that our government needs fundamental change; we need to start demanding accountability from our elected officials! For far too long large corporations have dominated the time, attention, and purse strings of our government leaders, who in response have neglected their constituents. We need representatives in Olympia who are not beholden to those corporations, and who recognize that they are ultimately responsible to the citizens they represent. I have heard the empty promises of change long enough, and I can not let this continue unchallenged. We need elected officials who can be free to make choices for the middle class, working class and small business, and who value human life, over corporate profits. 


         Our current COVID-19 epidemic has exposed the greed, corruption and decay within our society.  And yet, our elected officials continue to try and prop up a healthcare financing system that has produced one of the least healthy populations in the world at the most cost. Life expectancy is going down for the first time in this country’s history. Even though it’s long past time for Medicare for All (universal, single payer healthcare) at a national level, on the state level, not only do we have the means to provide universal health care, we would be saving 9 billion dollars a year, leading by example, showing the country what exemplary, ethical, uncorrupted health care looks like. Imagine all of the things our state could do with 9 billion dollars. 


         Our whole system of capitalism and a free market economy has been undermined by a government that is allowing our economy to be controlled by huge monopolies.  That is not what our founding fathers envisioned! That is not the definition of capitalism.  Private monopolies must be prevented in order to make the free market actually free. Some of the biggest benefactors of the biggest conglomerates in the world work and live in our state. They are afraid of taxes, yet they get to enjoy our beautiful state, while working the working class to the bone. It’s time to tax them. Doing so would greatly reduce the level of income inequality and get rid of poverty here in Washington. As the levels of income inequality decreases, the taxes on the very rich decreases and resources to our state increases. Everyone wins!  Everyone is happy!


         Our children are demanding common sense gun reform laws to be enacted.  They are sick and tired of being afraid of lunatics with an automatic weapon so easily able to take them out in a mass shooting in their school, while shopping or while praying!  We have done it before and we can do it again.  Electing politicians who are controlled by private, (for-profit) associations who only advocate for their corporate member’s supposed rights must stop.  Our children’s lives hold more value than that. Along with tightening gun licensing rules,  I feel that we should have a gun buyback program with full retail price for AR-15’s that are turned into the WSP along with amnesty if those weapons were purchased illegally to include the add-ons that make these semi-automatic weapons… automatic! 


         I believe the underlying reason for the corporate control of our economy is that there is too much money in elections; too much “Clean” money and probably way too much “Dirty” money.  When rich people and corporations are allowed to buy politicians our entire democracy and our free market economy becomes corrupted.  This is why I refuse to take money from any corporations or their PACs and I will fight  for publicly funded elections.  Putting all politicians on the same level of campaign spending will allow all the citizens of our state the opportunity to serve in our halls of congress and to maintain their allegiance to their constituents. 


         All of these issues are important, but realistically every issue we fight for is all for nought if we end up with a planet that becomes uninhabitable for our children.

         Too many of these corporations glorify their profits from the earth with no regard for the health of our planet.  We must address her needs in order to guarantee life for our future generations.  This will require hard choices that will not be popular with many large corporations and some people too!  But we have no choice! We must move away from fossil fuels as a means of energy production NOW!  There is no option of postponing this transformation any longer.  Like it or not, we are caretakers of the earth and we have been negligent by allowing a few corporations to inflict costly and often irreparable damage to our ecosystems.  This cannot be allowed to continue.   The buck has to stop with us!  

         The scientists have told us that we now have only 10 years to dramatically reduce our fossil fuel consumption.  The fossil fuel industry wants to keep our head in the sand and their hands in our wallets.  But, there are so many opportunities available that will help us to achieve green, renewable energy sources and that will also provide good paying jobs to our people, who really need good paying and secure jobs right now!  Jobs that will take them into a Green New future!  The advances in wind and solar are indisputable.  Along with advances in energy storage, clean nuclear energy and and many other up and coming sources!

         The decisions we  will have to make will not be popular and they will not be the least expensive.  Maybe if we had made these decisions decades ago we could have absorbed and reduced the cost to our economy while saving our environment.  But we didn’t! And so we need to be electing representatives who will stick their neck out and fight for the right decision, not the decision that most protects and rewards their corporate donors.  Decisions that move us forward in achieving all aspects of a Green New Deal!  


        And so I believe that continuing down this path of electing career politicians and expecting different results has failed and will continue to fail.  We are at a fork in the road.  Do we want a system of government that is of, by and for the people?  Or do we continue down this path of uncontrolled corporate greed?  Allowing private corporations to continue to extract resources from our planet and our people unchecked is leading us into a crisis situation and only real people, who understand our very real problems, can lead us out of! 

         If you are with me, please consider donating to my campaign, you can mail your donation to- 

    Friends of Kathryn 4 Senate

     12805 Jim Creek Rd. 

    Arlington, WA  98223

    Thank you for all your support!

    Born and raised in Pierce County, WA, I  moved to Snohomish County, 2007 

    Earned LPN license, 1987, Clover Park Voc-Tech College

    Associates Degree Nursing, 1991, Tacoma Community College.

    Bachelor’s Degree Nursing, 2017, Western Washington University

    Member of WSNA and SEIU, past Local Unit Chair, Grievance Officer, 

    Negotiating Team member on multiple contracts

    Volunteer work- PTA, Golden Acorn Award, 4-H Member/Leader, Whole 

    Washington, Inc., Board Member, One Payer States, Inc., Treasurer

    Proud Wife and mother of 3 sons, 4 Granddaughters, 2 Grandsons.

    I have been in nursing for over 30 years working in Oncology, Critical Care, IV Therapy, Hospice Care, Nursing Administration, and recently as an owner of MacLeod House Adult Family Home because I care about people and I have always worked to improve their lives on a personal level.

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